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Our Values

We are

  • solid
  • simplistic
  • creative
  • skillful


Our Mission
We teach our students the basis to become confident and skilled all round barbers.


Our Offer
We offer an all round basic barber education program of 30 weeks. Once you finished this you can enroll in the 15 weeks advanced course. We also offer a selection of advanced skills and techniques modules after you successfully completed the all round program.


“Becoming a Barber is a craft. Not something you learn over night.”


Our Goal
Our goal is to make you feel confident to master cuts, styles and shaves so they can manage to be self-employed in a competitive field. We offer an environment that will enable the student to thrive and develop the social, physical as well as their emotional skills to be a successful and positive professional in the community in which they serve. We offer those interested in the trade of barbering the best education possible so our success as a school is defined by the success of our students.


What you learn?
At our school you learn the basic all round barber skills. The craft of becoming a barber is not something you learn overnight. We do not offer speed courses, as we believe you need a solid base to understand the traditional techniques and feel confident when your first clients are in your chair.


Why we are different?

  • We are the first official Barberschool of The Netherlands.
  • We teach all round men grooming skills (not just old skool!).
  • We connect you with the barber community.
  • You will get a private coach.
  • We work with premium hair and skin care brands such as Depot.
  • We offer different courses for different life styles.


Contact us to get full information on what we can do for you! Ee are flexible so tell us your situation and we will make it work somehow.


What to do next?
Come in for a chat, a cut, or give us a call and we will inform you and answer all your questions. Together we can decide what course would fit you best!